Home in Sayulita

Monday, September 3, 2012

What a day....

It's Labor Day and the city is bustling with tourists. I went to the Dolores park today on my daily walk. It was crowded with what the city is all about, diversity. The gays holding the high ground of the park, sunning and laughing and having a carefree good time. Further down the park in the newly estabilshed childrens play area, the sounds of screeching children running and playing. Lower yet down the park are the straights having their picnics and lots of live good music. Dogs, dogs everywhere all just enjoying the nice weather. On my way back I wanted a Starbucks Iced Moca but they are closed for remodeling. So I went to Phil Z's. Holy s--t, the coffe must have coke or meth or something in it, I have been wired ever since. No wonder it's so popular..........The streets around the Castro are full of foreign tourists. It seems most are French. I was dragged by Veronica to the Paul Gaultier exhibit at the Legion of Honor a couple of weeks ago. I was blown away at how exciting it was. I was mesmerized by the live talking robots. I literally couldn't be sure which were live and which were robots. Turns out all models were robots. Some times it's good to expand your horizons. Veronica and friends keep me out there when I would more likely be inclined to sit at home or go out to see an occasional Super hero movie..Starting to think about the return to Sayulita, Mexico for the coming winter. It's amazing, I am always ready to return to San Franciso and equally ready to go back to Mexico when the seasons change. The spell checks not working, bummer. Life is tough (LOL)

Monday, July 23, 2012

San francisco days

I have been home from Mexico now for nearly 2 months and have had few thoughts of Mexico. That will change as the weather gets cooler (LOL) So many things to do and see in San Francisco. I have enjoyed again the food, where else can you get chocolate covered licorice (yummy yummy)  I have taken to cooking and just enjoying the apartment. As I get older I tend to want to stay in more. I sold my car for lack of use so now I have to look for ways to entertain myself within the confines of the city. Yesterday I went to the Mission Bay block party. There was lots of live entertainment with a full free outdoor circus. The circus was so creative in such a small venue. The full range, acrobats, tightrope walkers, clowns, etc. The weather was perfect and the local food was sooo good. I  saw Batman on Saturday. Great entertainment! So nasty the killings in Colorado :-((  My health is good but it turns out I have a incurable condition with my lungs. Veronica came up to SF to take me to the doctors a couple of weeks ago for a bronchoscopy. Turns out I have lung scaring from long ago that bacteria keeps attacking. It has happened 4 times since last Thanksgiving, each time requiring antibiotics. As long as I am on antibiotics I'm OK. More later on this.  As you can see not much going on in my life at the moment and I kinda like it that way!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another day in Puerto Vallarta

I'm still in Puerto Vallarta. It's been a wonderful couple of months. I don't seem to miss my house in Sayulita much. So many things going on here. Semana Santa came and went. I pretty much hid out in the house and avoided the crush of people. Literally a sea of people on the Malecon and on the beaches. The World Economic Forum was held here and played havoc on the city. Navy destroyers sitting out in the water. Gun carrying soldiers everywhere, helicopters over head and the south end of the Malacon closed to everyone. A great stage was built on the Malecon and great performances were given and all off limits to the likes of me and anyone else, strictly a private party. The weather is getting warmer and I'm thinking more of leaving soon for San Francisco but who knows I might spend the summer here in PV watching the sun set while soaking in the pool. Life is good......

Friday, February 24, 2012

Another day in Puerto Vallarta

I have been staying in my PV condo for the last 3 weeks. It's so much different from the house in Sayulita. I love it here!!  Everything is within walking distance and mucho restaurants of all sizes. I thought I would just sneak in and spend a quiet month here but so many of the PV gang are still hanging around (LOL) that already I have more social life than I expected. Julia, from San Pancho stayed the night last weekend and we went together to the yearly neighborhood party on the roof of the condo. The entire neighborhood is gringo. I guess that's why they call it Gringo Gulch! Hector from Sayulita is coming for a night this weekend. I walk along the newly redone Malicon (beautiful, think Miami) everynight. Lots of entainment. I looked at a new Condo being built on the water just above the beach at the blue chairs (a local term for Gay Beach) literally steps to the beach and right in the Zona Romantica. I am so tempted to buy but I already own 3 properties in Mexico. I think something has to go before I buy something more :-((  I don't want to put all my huevos in one Mexico!! This is going to be short as I have to go to the Airport and pick up Veronica who is returning from 2 weeks in San Diego. The weather has been somewhat cooler this year. Many overcast days and some rain but still warm and nice. Perfectly clear warm day today......

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Not just another day.

Took my walk early this morning into town. Past the primary school with hordes of children being dropped off by their parents. Loads of pickup trucks loaded with workers going to the various building projects here. This little town is very much alive......It's been a little muggy lately. Veronica (Gypsy Vero) is fully moved in downstairs. It appears she brought an entire house hold of goods, she wants to feel at home, so she brought it with her! It's a pleasure to have her here. She went to the Penita market and over to Rincon Guayabitas today, taking her friend Fred with her. He is visiting from Phoenix. We all, including Julia, went out to Don Pato's ( open mic)  night before last and I spent yesterday and today recouping. 4 cubre libras for me.....Today I caught iguanas fornicating  on the lot next to mine, they have no shame (picture enclosed) look close you will see them. A little green female and a large gold male on top. I have been throwing my banana peels and anything bio degradable on the lot next door, hmm, maybe I should stop, ya think!, I might attract a Boa or something worse than iguanas. Veronica saw a good size snake on the road the other night, OMG can you imagine the horror (LOL). We do live in a jungle. The sun is setting now and is so beautiful. I hate to keep saying that but It's true.  The variety of food here in Sayulita has improved dramatically in the last couple of years. Tomorrow I and the usual suspects are going to Don Chow's for Chinese and then somewhere to hear Gino play. Gino is a local gringo that plays somewhere almost every night. He is a favorite of Veronica's so we are all trotted out occasionally to see him. Veronica is kinda the ring leader. She who must be obeyed.... Enough of this drivel.....I wish everyone a very happy 2012