Home in Sayulita

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Lazy days in Sayulita

THIS WAS WRITTEN IN FEBRUARY AND NEVER COMPLETED. IT IS OUT OF  ORDER. It's cool and a little morning overcast but breezy and every window is open. It's now mid-season and
Sayulita is alive with activity. This little town has changed from the little quiet Village of 15 years
ago. Never the less the house is quiet and away from the madness of town. The ocean is very rough
and threatening this morning. I will finish this later if ever!!! 

Sunny Day in Sayulita

It's a great day. The weather is getting hotter. Summer is just a couple of weeks away. The Jungle is becoming dry. The city is becoming quiet. Not as quiet as years past. Generally tourists drop off
in April. But they are still coming, at least until it gets very, very hot!! Air conditioner needed at night. Not much going on here with me. I am in good health. I am building a new wing on the house. 2 bedrooms and a bath. Same contractor and architect that built the house. So far it's going well. The car is finally becoming a problem. It's a 99 Lexus with 150,000 miles. It's been here in Mexico 12 years. It died in Guadalajara a month or so ago and Toyota couldn't fix it. No Lexus in Mexico. So I took it to a foreign car mechanic and he fixed it but it took quite a while. It's running fine again. That's the first real problem I've ever had with it. I think it's time for a new car. It's been extremely reliable, considering the beating it takes here in Mexico, with no real preventative maintenance. I still have made no real effort to sell the house. I basically like it here but It's more than I need. The two extra bedrooms will make it more sellable. Everybody wants a minimum of three bedrooms and 3 baths. So I will have that in the owners unit. Joel has been a great help with the construction. He has dealt with the permits etc.  I have been to California and Arizona a couple of times. I had a wonderful 80th birthday here in Sayulita. For the most part life is very quiet. Joel is anxious
to travel to the USA but a visa will be difficult unless we get a married. That's a scary word to me.
So we will see. Meanwhile life goes on......