Home in Sayulita

Monday, March 24, 2014

Cool breezes and the oceans roar.

It's a beautiful day here in Sayulita. Moving back into my studio apartment in Sayulita was a good move. I thought I missed the city (PV) but turns out I'm generally to lazy to go out anyway (lol) The weather has been so great this year, hey every year! The studio has far less steps and I'm slowly
shedding things not important. Far less is important these days! Soon I will only have a few old jeans and a bunch of ratty tee shirts. Perfect!! The only flaw in the summer was me backing my car into a cement post along my driveway. My car was out of commission for 3 months until it could be repaired.Things move at a slow pace here in Mexico!! Of course having a car not made or sold in Mexico didn't help. Veronica ferried me everywhere without complaint. She is a great friend. It's mid season and I am beginning to see friends plan for returning home, wherever that may be. Hard to believe another summer will end soon. My good friend Dee has left and will be going to Cambodia.  I am hopeful I can join her later in the year for a visit. This has been a wonderful summer of Music, good food and friends. Sayulita is changing drastically. Throngs of young families and surfers crowd the beach's and restaurants. Large villas are popping up on the hillsides. Still resisting large hotels and high rises it retains its small Mexican village feel. Neighbors and I have gotten together and trimmed trees this year so that my view is more awesome then ever.  I have spent more time down on the beach this year than usual. Not sunning just mesmerized by the ocean. Maybe I will go to La Playa today to watch the sunset, listen to Cuban music and have a mojito. Maybe not, there is always manana......

Sayulita Days

It's been beautiful here today (everyday!) The ocean is so calm. I write this blog so seldom that I need to explain that I moved back here to Sayulita from PV  I plan to spend my winters here from now on. I have had a spectacular two weeks. I visited a small town in Michoacan to see my friend Joel. I went with 4 other guys, young entrepreneurs from the US living in PV. They each have their own start-up companies and I met them through Joel who works with them. Joel is quite phenomenal having come from Coahuyana and a poor family with 7 siblings. The guys mainly went to look at the most beautiful beach I have seen, totally unspoiled. They are working with some guy who owns much of it and wants to develop it. Gay people are totally accepted in Coahuyana, a little shocking at how accepted. Joel played in a soccer tournament with a gay team. Nelly queens and all. There is a gay bar on the town square (OMG) Some drag queen sang a Donna Summers tune on a stage and the straight crowd went wild. The MC for the contest for King and Queen of Coahuyana was openly gay and funny. I went to a cock fight, drank a yucca milk shake and went to the most dangerous and stupendous fireworks I have ever seen. This town only has a population of aprox 3500 and not a white face to be seen, and they sure have fun!! So all in all it was quite a trip. Here in San Pancho one of the founders and a producer of Cirque du Soleil lives. He organized and put together a show with all the school children of San Pancho. It was truly heartwarming (a word I never use!) and a real first class production. I am always amazed at the people that have settled in San Pancho. I am looking forward to summer and San Francisco. Although I am not as anxious to leave here as I have been in the past, but when it gets hot that will change.