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Monday, March 24, 2014

Sayulita Days

It's been beautiful here today (everyday!) The ocean is so calm. I write this blog so seldom that I need to explain that I moved back here to Sayulita from PV  I plan to spend my winters here from now on. I have had a spectacular two weeks. I visited a small town in Michoacan to see my friend Joel. I went with 4 other guys, young entrepreneurs from the US living in PV. They each have their own start-up companies and I met them through Joel who works with them. Joel is quite phenomenal having come from Coahuyana and a poor family with 7 siblings. The guys mainly went to look at the most beautiful beach I have seen, totally unspoiled. They are working with some guy who owns much of it and wants to develop it. Gay people are totally accepted in Coahuyana, a little shocking at how accepted. Joel played in a soccer tournament with a gay team. Nelly queens and all. There is a gay bar on the town square (OMG) Some drag queen sang a Donna Summers tune on a stage and the straight crowd went wild. The MC for the contest for King and Queen of Coahuyana was openly gay and funny. I went to a cock fight, drank a yucca milk shake and went to the most dangerous and stupendous fireworks I have ever seen. This town only has a population of aprox 3500 and not a white face to be seen, and they sure have fun!! So all in all it was quite a trip. Here in San Pancho one of the founders and a producer of Cirque du Soleil lives. He organized and put together a show with all the school children of San Pancho. It was truly heartwarming (a word I never use!) and a real first class production. I am always amazed at the people that have settled in San Pancho. I am looking forward to summer and San Francisco. Although I am not as anxious to leave here as I have been in the past, but when it gets hot that will change.

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