Home in Sayulita

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Lazy days in Sayulita

THIS WAS WRITTEN IN FEBRUARY AND NEVER COMPLETED. IT IS OUT OF  ORDER. It's cool and a little morning overcast but breezy and every window is open. It's now mid-season and
Sayulita is alive with activity. This little town has changed from the little quiet Village of 15 years
ago. Never the less the house is quiet and away from the madness of town. The ocean is very rough
and threatening this morning. I will finish this later if ever!!! 

Sun Day in Sayulita

It's a great day. The weather is getting hotter. Summer is just a couple of weeks away. The Jungle is becoming dry. The city is becoming quiet. Not as quiet as years past. Generally tourists drop off
in April. But they are still coming, at least until it gets very, very hot!! Air conditioner needed at night. Not much going on here with me. I am in good health. I am building a new wing on the house. 2 bedrooms and a bath. Same contractor and architect that built the house. So far it's going well. The car is finally becoming a problem. It's a 99 Lexus with 150,000 miles. It's been here in Mexico 12 years. It died in Guadalajara a month or so ago and Toyota couldn't fix it. No Lexus in Mexico. So I took it to a foreign car mechanic and he fixed it but it took quite a while. It's running fine again. That's the first real problem I've ever had with it. I think it's time for a new car. It's been extremely reliable, considering the beating it takes here in Mexico, with no real preventative maintenance. I still have made no real effort to sell the house. I basically like it here but It's more than I need. The two extra bedrooms will make it more sellable. Everybody wants a minimum of three bedrooms and 3 baths. So I will have that in the owners unit. Joel has been a great help with the construction. He has dealt with the permits etc.  I have been to California and Arizona a couple of times. I had a wonderful 80th birthday here in Sayulita. For the most part life is very quiet. Joel is anxious
to travel to the USA but a visa will be difficult unless we get a married. That's a scary word to me.
So we will see. Meanwhile life goes on......

Monday, February 2, 2015

Another day in the life

I'm here in Sayulita Mexico for the winter. Things are good. The weather is not so good today :-(( We are having stormy weather, waves crashing, wind and rain. It's very romantic but unfortunately I'm by myself today..... Joel is in Morelia and Veronica is off to Patsquaro. I am waiting for the internet guy to arrive. We have blazing fast internet here in Sayulita. A private company has installed fiber optic and I am in sight of their antenna. This is a big thing!! Telmex delivers 175 bps. Just barely enough to do anything. I didn't have much luck renting the apartment in San Francisco for the short term. I tried just before Christmas but came back here to Sayulita for the Holidays. Never like to miss the spectacular fireworks on the beach in PV. Then went back to SF and rented the apartment quickly. Timing I guess. I will be 80 this year and each time I reach a new threshold I think I'm finally old. But so many people around me are older and in great shape. So I guess I'm not THAT
old yet. When is old, old....I have a friend that is traveling around the world. I am anxious to join her for while this year. It's my goal for the year. She is just finishing Asia. Off to Africa next. I am selling my condo in PV. After commissions, an incredible high capital gain, I'll be lucky to get what I paid for it 10 years ago. Just too much trouble to keep. I am going to earnestly try harder to sell the house in Sayulita and then I plan to retire from any activity except staring at the walls (LOL) We'll see. I'm happy and in good health. the peso is at 15 to the dollar. What more could I want.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Cool breezes and the oceans roar.

It's a beautiful day here in Sayulita. Moving back into my studio apartment in Sayulita was a good move. I thought I missed the city (PV) but turns out I'm generally to lazy to go out anyway (lol) The weather has been so great this year, hey every year! The studio has far less steps and I'm slowly
shedding things not important. Far less is important these days! Soon I will only have a few old jeans and a bunch of ratty tee shirts. Perfect!! The only flaw in the summer was me backing my car into a cement post along my driveway. My car was out of commission for 3 months until it could be repaired.Things move at a slow pace here in Mexico!! Of course having a car not made or sold in Mexico didn't help. Veronica ferried me everywhere without complaint. She is a great friend. It's mid season and I am beginning to see friends plan for returning home, wherever that may be. Hard to believe another summer will end soon. My good friend Dee has left and will be going to Cambodia.  I am hopeful I can join her later in the year for a visit. This has been a wonderful summer of Music, good food and friends. Sayulita is changing drastically. Throngs of young families and surfers crowd the beach's and restaurants. Large villas are popping up on the hillsides. Still resisting large hotels and high rises it retains its small Mexican village feel. Neighbors and I have gotten together and trimmed trees this year so that my view is more awesome then ever.  I have spent more time down on the beach this year than usual. Not sunning just mesmerized by the ocean. Maybe I will go to La Playa today to watch the sunset, listen to Cuban music and have a mojito. Maybe not, there is always manana......

Sayulita Days

It's been beautiful here today (everyday!) The ocean is so calm. I write this blog so seldom that I need to explain that I moved back here to Sayulita from PV  I plan to spend my winters here from now on. I have had a spectacular two weeks. I visited a small town in Michoacan to see my friend Joel. I went with 4 other guys, young entrepreneurs from the US living in PV. They each have their own start-up companies and I met them through Joel who works with them. Joel is quite phenomenal having come from Coahuyana and a poor family with 7 siblings. The guys mainly went to look at the most beautiful beach I have seen, totally unspoiled. They are working with some guy who owns much of it and wants to develop it. Gay people are totally accepted in Coahuyana, a little shocking at how accepted. Joel played in a soccer tournament with a gay team. Nelly queens and all. There is a gay bar on the town square (OMG) Some drag queen sang a Donna Summers tune on a stage and the straight crowd went wild. The MC for the contest for King and Queen of Coahuyana was openly gay and funny. I went to a cock fight, drank a yucca milk shake and went to the most dangerous and stupendous fireworks I have ever seen. This town only has a population of aprox 3500 and not a white face to be seen, and they sure have fun!! So all in all it was quite a trip. Here in San Pancho one of the founders and a producer of Cirque du Soleil lives. He organized and put together a show with all the school children of San Pancho. It was truly heartwarming (a word I never use!) and a real first class production. I am always amazed at the people that have settled in San Pancho. I am looking forward to summer and San Francisco. Although I am not as anxious to leave here as I have been in the past, but when it gets hot that will change.

Friday, October 11, 2013

A foggy day in San Francisco, CA

It's turning fall here and I am beginning to think about returning to Mexico for the winter. I have enjoyed San Francisco so much this summer I thought I would never want to leave. The very first cold day and I want to leave NOW (lol) In some ways it was a mixed summer. I missed my class reunion (60yrs!!) because of my health. Also I was not up to joining Veronica in Europe. I feel good now and had a nice visit in Bend Oregon with my brother and his wife Dana. So life is good. I see my life changing and I am slipping into old age without any regret or unhappiness. to be continued.....

Monday, June 17, 2013

Just another great day!

I am here in Sayulita Mexico. It's unusual for me to be here at this time of the year. Usually I think it is too hot but this year I have hung around and I have enjoyed the heat sticking to me along with my clothes. I am using the outdoor jacuzzi (sans heat) to cool off. The house here is situated and built to take advantage of the ocean breezes so pretty nice.  Drove down to Oaxaca
with my friend Veronica and spent about 3 weeks there. It was a very exciting adventure and drive. Oaxaca is a very large city, but with a very exciting history and population. Of all the cities I have been in Mexico I think I like Oaxaca the best. It seems many of the crafts of Mexico come from the Oaxaca and surrounding areas. The weather is also very pleasant. Lots of afternoon rains and overcast days taking the edge off the heat. It is not humid so it can be very comfortable and a nice refuge from Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita in the summer. I am here in Sayulita to get the house ready for the summer rains. I will be living in Puerto Vallarta again when I return from the US next season. I will leave for the US probably in a couple of weeks. I enjoy Sayulita but prefer to live in Puerto Vallarta. More variety of things to do and eat!! The weather is so great today. Wonderful breeze blowing through the house. Never the less I look forward to getting back to San Francisco.