Home in Sayulita

Sunday, June 12, 2011

One day more

It's early evening 7:30, the water is very choppy and there are no surfers in the water. There is a hurricane (Adrain) off shore but not coming in. The skies are dark and threatening but the sun is beaming through it all to make looking at the water almost blinding as the sun reflects off it. I have the house completely open and there is a stiff cool breeze blowing through rearranging everything that is not weighted down. It feels invigorating, most of the day was hot and humid with only a slight breeze. We may be getting rain tonight. I went into PV last night to my friend Ariel Sainz latest gallery exhibit. Just two years ago he was a struggling artist, still is, but after a very successful showing in a prestigious Mexico City gallery his paintings are taking off. The sales are as much to do with  his improving technique as anything else. The gallery showing last  night of his latest paintings blew me away. Not only how far he has come as a painter.  He has a painting that I actually lust after. But it's in the thousands of dollars. If it wasn't in the gallery I might be able to get a discount as I have been one of his patrons.  His current paintings are flying out the door. It's so good to see someone making it when you knew them from the very start. Arial took me to dinner at one of  the best restaurants in Pv. A Mexican hole in the wall but wow. muscles, squid, calamari, shrimp. Behind the purely Mexican facade was a 4 star restaurant. Then I took him to dessert at Rebecca's in old town. Great evening. Night before last went out with nine friends to Calypso. I'm getting ready to return to SF and I'm sort of saying goodbye. Normally I try to avoid large dinner parties.....Had my Spanish lesson with my friend Fiora in Malibu this morning, it's not likely we will be talking fluent Spanish anytime soon, if ever. :-((  Also talked to Veronica (The Adventures of Gypsy Vero) for a couple of hours. Amazing how Skype has become a integral part of my life. Enough............

Sunday, June 5, 2011

another day in the life

I am sitting eating Giro's and drinking Kick. Giro's are Mexican Oreo's. They got it right. I can't put them down! kick is a Pepsi drink combining ginseng, caffeine and the flavor of cola..... It is way too hot to venture out of the house today. Last night I walked all over town. They are putting in a new street down the road a few blocks from here and working through the night to beat the winter rains. An unusual sight, normally these projects can go weeks without showing any progress. The new bridge into town is a perfect example. It too should be finished soon, it has been in the works since last September after the torrential floods here washed away the old one. The new bridge is very substantial!! It will take a tsunami to dislodge it. After my walk I stopped for a pizza (small!)  With the rains the flora and fauna is changing.  The trees profusely blooming yellow lost all blooms in the rain. Now all trees blooming orange are in full florescent bloom. Never noticed the color thing before. The chachalaca  birds have quieted, they are extremely loud, and huge. The birds are scary here, they congregate in large numbers and then fly in circles around the house, very unnerving......:-((   The Whistler's are in control, I never see them but they never stop whistling....... Enough drivel for today....

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

not just another day

We got a jungle rain last night. It was hot and heavy. It's been a long time. The crabs are showing their heads and soon I will be crushing them as I walk down the steps. The ants are ferocious and everywhere. I'm sitting here watching the sunset. We have some cloud cover and the sun is creating a huge bright spot on the horizon which glistens on the water. I can see the water is dotted with many surfers. The waves aren't that impressive. I'm not a surfer, this is a surfer town. Dude!! Tonight I will walk into town and have a couple of taco's at one of the many street taco restaurants. Plump juicy tacos for less than a dollar. I love taco's but hey I've been here since November and I wish there was more variety of food. For such a little town we do have many upscale restaurants but they mainly are closed for the season. So taco's it is. Soon I will be in San Francisco eating a different ethnic food everyday and wondering why I would ever leave San Francisco. That is of course until next season begins here in Sayulita.