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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

not just another day

We got a jungle rain last night. It was hot and heavy. It's been a long time. The crabs are showing their heads and soon I will be crushing them as I walk down the steps. The ants are ferocious and everywhere. I'm sitting here watching the sunset. We have some cloud cover and the sun is creating a huge bright spot on the horizon which glistens on the water. I can see the water is dotted with many surfers. The waves aren't that impressive. I'm not a surfer, this is a surfer town. Dude!! Tonight I will walk into town and have a couple of taco's at one of the many street taco restaurants. Plump juicy tacos for less than a dollar. I love taco's but hey I've been here since November and I wish there was more variety of food. For such a little town we do have many upscale restaurants but they mainly are closed for the season. So taco's it is. Soon I will be in San Francisco eating a different ethnic food everyday and wondering why I would ever leave San Francisco. That is of course until next season begins here in Sayulita.

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