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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

another day

Yet another hot day in the jungle north of Puerto Vallarta. I have been inspired by my friend who blogs as Adventures of Gypsy Vero. It's mid day and from my vantage point I can see the shimmering blue water of the Pacific Ocean. The windows are open and the waves are pounding and a cool breeze blows through the house. I came here several years ago and built this spectacular house to forget my woes. As life goes I have none but can't help obsessing about imaginary ones!! As the season has passed here most of my winter friends have scattered for cooler summers. It is quiet. Only the locals and a few foreigners stay for summer . It's hot here but not unbearable, yet. Soon I will return home to San Francisco. Why have I chosen Dread to call my blog. I dread everything: going to the store, out to dinner, studying Spanish, writing this blog, you name it (LOL)  Once I decide to do these things then I don't mind doing them. Strange..................

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