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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sayulita Afternoon

It's a beautiful day here in Sayulita again. A wonderful breeze is blowing through the house. Joel and I are going onto 5 years together. Time is passing so quickly. Since selling my condo in Puerto Vallarta I have spent much more time here in Sayulita. The "pueblo" is a bee hive of activity with tourists and their small children everywhere. It was busy the entire summer last year.... I have reached an advanced age where living in the house is too many stairs for me. Joel and I live in the Studio. I am amazed how easy it is for us. We are considering putting in an elevator up to the upper level and moving back up there. That remains to be seen. I think this year we will spend part of the summer in Mexico City. I have leased my San Francisco flat through the summer.  I finally got rid of my Lexus and bought a Rav 4. No cache but the perfect car for here. I had cataracts removed and replaced my eye lenses this year and can actually read without glasses. Amazing!. Now if I could only hear! I have been having problems walking lately. Doctors say it is not structural. So further tests will reveal the problem. Go to San Francisco later this week for the result of tests. I have no pain walking just that
my legs don't follow. :-(( I do feel good and I am optimistic about life. Did some traveling last year.
Joel, myself and my ex went on a trip to Russia. It was truly a great experience. I recommend everyone should see Russia. St. Petersburg and Moscow have such great history's. We traveled mostly be train. They have fast trains unlike the ancient trains in the USA. Can't remember how long it has been since I blogged. Joel and I went to Cuba before Trump started closing it down again. It's like a 50's time capsule. I would not recommend anyone go there just yet! I get 4 teeth transplants later this week. I will soon be the bionic man..... I am jumping all over the place but my thoughts are not as organized as they use to be....... As you can see no real news but I am still here and functioning. Life is good.

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