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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Not just another day.

Took my walk early this morning into town. Past the primary school with hordes of children being dropped off by their parents. Loads of pickup trucks loaded with workers going to the various building projects here. This little town is very much alive......It's been a little muggy lately. Veronica (Gypsy Vero) is fully moved in downstairs. It appears she brought an entire house hold of goods, she wants to feel at home, so she brought it with her! It's a pleasure to have her here. She went to the Penita market and over to Rincon Guayabitas today, taking her friend Fred with her. He is visiting from Phoenix. We all, including Julia, went out to Don Pato's ( open mic)  night before last and I spent yesterday and today recouping. 4 cubre libras for me.....Today I caught iguanas fornicating  on the lot next to mine, they have no shame (picture enclosed) look close you will see them. A little green female and a large gold male on top. I have been throwing my banana peels and anything bio degradable on the lot next door, hmm, maybe I should stop, ya think!, I might attract a Boa or something worse than iguanas. Veronica saw a good size snake on the road the other night, OMG can you imagine the horror (LOL). We do live in a jungle. The sun is setting now and is so beautiful. I hate to keep saying that but It's true.  The variety of food here in Sayulita has improved dramatically in the last couple of years. Tomorrow I and the usual suspects are going to Don Chow's for Chinese and then somewhere to hear Gino play. Gino is a local gringo that plays somewhere almost every night. He is a favorite of Veronica's so we are all trotted out occasionally to see him. Veronica is kinda the ring leader. She who must be obeyed.... Enough of this drivel.....I wish everyone a very happy 2012

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  1. Sounds like the social season is well underway. And not just for iguanas!
    Hugs and kisses to Veronica ...and you too!