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Friday, December 9, 2011

Another great day

The shrimp boats are out in the water and surfers are bobbing around and waiting for the next big one. The weather is a little overcast but warm and nice. Lots of activity around. Fernando is painting the rails on the deck and Angeles is cleaning the kitchen after my spurt of cooking yesterday. I made oatmeal cookies, and fried some chicken. I have started cooking more since I got back from San Francisco after Thanksgiving. I guess I realize how much I miss USA food. So I am generating my own. Hector called from Mexico City and he is coming back to Sayulita Tuesday, good news. Today was my birthday and received lots of Happy Birthday wishes. Not going out for a dinner tonight with friends as I still am a little under the weather. A little chest infection and some antibiotics, and I'm feeling better. My friend Dee called to say she is leaving Belize and going to the oil fields of N.Dakota. She worked in the oil fields of Alaska and can drive big rigs. She is following the money, she's got gumption as Grandma Moody use to say. My friend Veronica is gallivanting all around S. California and plans to arrive here in January when she will rent my Studio. I picked up Julia at the airport the other day so the old Riviera Nayarit gang is slowing returning.  Me I am just sitting around enjoying the beautiful weather. Today I guess I will study some Spanish and catch up on the political scene.

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