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Monday, November 28, 2011

A whale of a day

Back in Sayulita after a quick Thanksgiving in San Francisco. It was a short trip encompassing some business, some pleasure. My brother and his wife came to SF for dinner. It was very nice. :-)) The weather is again perfect with the ocean being quite rough and noisy last night. The birds are in full noise, large yellow, blue and of coarse  the Chacalacka's. (hehe) I'm sure I spelled that wrong. Of course the little bugs are in full force too! They come in too many sizes, shapes and colors to even begin to describe. My Architect and friend Hector is in Mexico getting ready for surgery. He had a small cancerous growth on his ear. He says it's cold in Mexico City!  Went to Mega and Wal-mart  (yes we have both within 20 minutes) today with my renters, Bic and Roni, looking for decent binoculars for whale watching. We didn't find any :-(( The whales are out there, I saw a spout about 20 minutes ago. I got this nasty cold from jumping to San Francisco and back to Sayulita in 5 days. So this blog may be a little blah, like I feel today. But I don't want to lose my blog space so I have to put something here......the sun is about to set, what a sight!!  Hasta luego amigos.

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  1. It was a pleasure as always to see you. Sorry you are under the weather. Open Table has asked for a review of the Chenery Place. I don't know if Thanksgiving is representative ...