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Thursday, October 27, 2011

A new season a new day

Here I am once again in Sayulita.  When I get here it's always so beautiful. That humid air I feel when I get off the plane says hey we're back in the jungle...my personal jungle is so green and full of birds etc. An architect is building a house adjacent to mine. She said my jungle was gorgeous and hoped I would never destroy it. Well I am one of the few that built my house without decimating the landscape first. Like she did!! The city had a very slow summer and the locals for once are hot for work. Americans are afraid of Mexico, they don't want to come here, hmmm I don't want to go to Oakland, California for fear for my life. Parts of San Francisco aren't that safe either. I guess it's just a mind set. The house fared well as the summer was mild. Fernando was on top of everything. My friends and neighbors are filtering in. Lots of welcome back dinners' and after noon beers at the beach. It's hard to be a recluse. I am sitting here with every window open and enjoying a nice breeze off the ocean. Netflix streaming has come to Mexico, awesome, best new thing so far this year......our own Pemex should be open soon as well. Could things be better??

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