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Monday, September 26, 2011

Carmel Valley Weekend

Drove to Carmel Valley to visit my friend Gypsy Vero for the weekend. She has a lovely little private home in the woods on a mountain side. She had a little gathering of friends. Poets, Writers, Artists of all sorts, neighbors, old friends and the such. We sat on the deck and insulted one another with relish and enjoyed it immensely. V cooked all the food. It was a gourmet delight :-))   My brother Jimmy and his wife Dana were there. They joined right in. Dana is photo buff so she took many pictures. My brother and Dana arrived in Carmel Valley in an RV. He rented it and drove from Sacramento to see if this was a viable way to travel. It was a nifty (that is a 50's term) van. Quite not what I expected. Lots of space, great layout and nicely decorated, very tasteful.(LOL) And the cat loved it! So a good time was had by all. I am back here in San Francisco starting to pack up to return to Sayulita, Mexico. It's been a busy summer, and over all too soon. I am a little sad to leave SF but I will get into the swing of things quickly in Sayulita. All my Sayulita friends will be returning from all over the USA for winter on the Nayarit Riviera.....  I think I have my San Francisco apartment leased for the winter months. I will know tomorrow, if so I will need to get out of here and return home to Sayulita very soon! Adios San Francisco,  Bienvenido Mexico.

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