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Thursday, July 14, 2011

A foggy day in San Francisco

I have been back from Sayulita, Mexico about a month now. The weather has been good until this week, it has been miserable. Cold, windy, foggy, drizzly etc. It's good tho to be back. My friend Gypsy Vero (see her blog) from Carmel Valley visited along with Fred from Arizona. We went to see the Picasso exhibit at the De Young and out for Dim Sum. I miss the food when I am in Mexico. Since I have been back I have had good ole American  food, along with  Indian, Italian, Chinese, Thai, etc and I haven't even left the neighborhood. A new large whole foods like store (Mollie Stone) opened within a block, so now I bop down for all my organic foods, yeah like I'm an organic food nut (LOL) besides I can't afford 2.69 for my Greek yogurts. I can get the same at the mission Asian markets for 1.09. Am I getting cheap in my old age? But hey convenience is worth something, I think.... I am always bitching about the prices in Mexico but the prices here are absolutely astounding. I got my car washed down the block and it was 21 bucks, only 10 bucks last year. Hey there is inflation going on. The dishwasher went out yesterday and I was complaining how it's practically new, then I checked the warranty and its 6 years old, where has the time gone, but still I would expect at least 10 years on appliances. Things are good here and it is nice to be back....... 

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  1. Glad to see a blog update from S.F. And I agree about the appliances!!