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Monday, September 3, 2012

What a day....

It's Labor Day and the city is bustling with tourists. I went to the Dolores park today on my daily walk. It was crowded with what the city is all about, diversity. The gays holding the high ground of the park, sunning and laughing and having a carefree good time. Further down the park in the newly estabilshed childrens play area, the sounds of screeching children running and playing. Lower yet down the park are the straights having their picnics and lots of live good music. Dogs, dogs everywhere all just enjoying the nice weather. On my way back I wanted a Starbucks Iced Moca but they are closed for remodeling. So I went to Phil Z's. Holy s--t, the coffe must have coke or meth or something in it, I have been wired ever since. No wonder it's so popular..........The streets around the Castro are full of foreign tourists. It seems most are French. I was dragged by Veronica to the Paul Gaultier exhibit at the Legion of Honor a couple of weeks ago. I was blown away at how exciting it was. I was mesmerized by the live talking robots. I literally couldn't be sure which were live and which were robots. Turns out all models were robots. Some times it's good to expand your horizons. Veronica and friends keep me out there when I would more likely be inclined to sit at home or go out to see an occasional Super hero movie..Starting to think about the return to Sayulita, Mexico for the coming winter. It's amazing, I am always ready to return to San Franciso and equally ready to go back to Mexico when the seasons change. The spell checks not working, bummer. Life is tough (LOL)

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