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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another day in Puerto Vallarta

I'm still in Puerto Vallarta. It's been a wonderful couple of months. I don't seem to miss my house in Sayulita much. So many things going on here. Semana Santa came and went. I pretty much hid out in the house and avoided the crush of people. Literally a sea of people on the Malecon and on the beaches. The World Economic Forum was held here and played havoc on the city. Navy destroyers sitting out in the water. Gun carrying soldiers everywhere, helicopters over head and the south end of the Malacon closed to everyone. A great stage was built on the Malecon and great performances were given and all off limits to the likes of me and anyone else, strictly a private party. The weather is getting warmer and I'm thinking more of leaving soon for San Francisco but who knows I might spend the summer here in PV watching the sun set while soaking in the pool. Life is good......

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