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Monday, June 17, 2013

Just another great day!

I am here in Sayulita Mexico. It's unusual for me to be here at this time of the year. Usually I think it is too hot but this year I have hung around and I have enjoyed the heat sticking to me along with my clothes. I am using the outdoor jacuzzi (sans heat) to cool off. The house here is situated and built to take advantage of the ocean breezes so pretty nice.  Drove down to Oaxaca
with my friend Veronica and spent about 3 weeks there. It was a very exciting adventure and drive. Oaxaca is a very large city, but with a very exciting history and population. Of all the cities I have been in Mexico I think I like Oaxaca the best. It seems many of the crafts of Mexico come from the Oaxaca and surrounding areas. The weather is also very pleasant. Lots of afternoon rains and overcast days taking the edge off the heat. It is not humid so it can be very comfortable and a nice refuge from Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita in the summer. I am here in Sayulita to get the house ready for the summer rains. I will be living in Puerto Vallarta again when I return from the US next season. I will leave for the US probably in a couple of weeks. I enjoy Sayulita but prefer to live in Puerto Vallarta. More variety of things to do and eat!! The weather is so great today. Wonderful breeze blowing through the house. Never the less I look forward to getting back to San Francisco.

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